Angel stands as a testament to strength and peace of mind. Its robust, hurricane-resistant construction, fortified by cutting-edge materials and techniques, shields you from the elements. The modular design offers limitless possibilities to tailor your living space to your unique lifestyle, adapting effortlessly to your changing needs.
As you step inside, you're greeted by a sunlit open-plan living area, creating a serene, elegant atmosphere. The thoughtful layout seamlessly connects the living, dining, and kitchen areas, fostering interaction and shared experiences, making it a dynamic space for both peaceful moments and lively gatherings.

All three bedrooms are meticulously designed for ultimate comfort and relaxation. The modern bathrooms combine aesthetics with practicality, setting the stage for refreshing mornings and serene evenings.

At the heart of this remarkable home is covered terrace, a versatile outdoor haven that blurs the line between indoors and outdoors.
  • Three Bedrooms | Two Bathrooms | 130㎡ / 1400ft²

Homes with Income

Investing in property to rent can yield high rental returns, helping cover expenses like mortgages, maintenance, and management. Enjoy the dual perks of earning income and having your own holiday retreat. Additionally, real estate tends to appreciate over time, potentially leading to long-term capital gains. The advent of platforms like Airbnb and VRBO simplifies listing and managing these rentals, lowering entry barriers for new investors. Moreover, utilizing modern modular construction methods can further enhance this opportunity by reducing building times and costs, allowing quicker access to rental income.
Speed and Sustainability

Modular construction, where buildings are prefabricated in a factory and then assembled on-site, significantly speeds up construction, allowing for faster rental availability and income generation. This method is more cost-effective than traditional construction, with fewer delays and lower material and labor costs due to factory efficiencies. Additionally, modular construction is environmentally friendly, with precise material use reducing waste and facilitating the inclusion of energy-efficient designs and materials.
Turnkey Interior Design

Take advantage of a full interior design and furnishing package designed specifically for holiday homes, vacation rentals, resorts and residential developments.

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About Us

“We currently have one Bauhu home ordered for the Virgin Islands, with a few more in progress. The product is a very well thought-out kit, and fills a much needed niche between expensive concrete construction and non-engineered wood shanty or container houses. ”
— St Croix The Virgin Islands
“I wish everyone cared about their customers as you do. If they did the world would be a much better place!”
— Elbow Cay The Bahamas
“Bauhu's kits are one of only two that we can recommend that we've been impressed with, the other is an all-wood kit - beautiful finishes and woodwork, but a much slower and more expensive process.”
— St Thomas US Virgin Islands
“You and your team are nothing shy of amazing, and we so appreciate all that you are doing to bring our dream to fruition. With gratitude.”
— Guana Cay The Bahamas
“The goal is to substantially undercut any conventional site-built construction methods, while providing a much better, fully-engineered product. Bauhu has been great to work with, and extremely responsive in modifications to their stock floor plans... knowing that every site has different needs.”
— St Thomas US Virgin Islands
“You've really nailed this design. Thanks for the great work! Look forward to moving further along on this adventure.”
— Prospect St Kitts and Nevis
“They spent time with local engineers to get the structure designed well, all the materials have been selected with resiliency in mind, and the pricing undercuts all the conventional construction methods on island.”
— Bridgetown Barbados
“Thank you! This is absolutely breath-taking. We love the angularity of it.”
— St Thomas USVI
“The design is absolutely beautiful. We are excited to proceed.”
— Tortola British Virgin Islands
“We've always been interested in prefab solutions for our island, and we've investigated many over the years, but they all have had an Achilles heel somewhere - either pricing, incorrect materials, or structural flaws – These are excellent. ”
— St Thomas US Virgin Islands
“Congratulations on all your success. Your customer service has been amazing .”
— Scotland Cay Bahamas
“We appreciate you more than you know and rave about Bauhu and what you are doing for us to everyone who will listen. Thank you, and thanks to your wonderful team for being so dedicated. We appreciate all you do! ”
— Abaco Bahamian Island
“Hello Paul (and Michael and Ted), thank you so much, this really is fabulous! ”
— St Thomas The Virgin Islands
“Thank you very much for taking the time out to facilitate my factory inspection of our Pre-Fab building. I am very happy with the quality of the building panels and accompanying components and accessories. It is also great that you have maintained the time frame which you committed to for the production of the building.”
— Kihavah The Maldives
“I was able to see my design on my phone and I am so impressed!! It is absolutely beautiful!!”
— Eleuthera The Bahamas

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