A development Roadmap to 100% Off Site Manufacture

Bauhu Limited, European leaders in prefabricated construction technology and suppliers of off site construction solutions have provided a varied range of factory built accommodation across the globe meeting the needs of low cost housing in emerging nations, rapid deployment accommodation in remote locations for military and oil and gas exploration, retail and hotel buildings and high end residential property. Constant commitment to research and development within the prefabricated construction industry has resulted in many innovative and unique building types as the company strives towards the holy grail of off site manufacture, a home built entirely in a factory.

The companies design philosophy is simple. When you take delivery of a new car or when you leave a shop with a new smart phone both are ready to use immediately. Why should a home be so different? Why should a new home require months or sometimes years of mess, cost uncertainty and upheaval before it is ready to use and enjoy? The answer is simple, building a home requires for a huge number of components and materials to be gathered together in one place and laboriously assembled into a house by many different tradesmen in less than ideal conditions. In recent years, some home builders have seen the obvious benefits of prefabricating certain house parts off site in an attempt to reduce construction costs and more importantly reduce costly time spend on site however these parts still need to be transported to site and assembled.

Bauhu recognized early in the development process of a truly manufactured home that in order to build a house entirely in a factory the finished building had to be portable and able to be transported internationally. Transport size limitations dictated that a factory built home must be modular, made up from transportable sized modules. A modular, portable construction system was developed around three basic module dimensions. Already dubbed ‘Plug and Play’ homes, these innovative buildings range in size from a compact studio home or guest annexe to a three-bedroom house. Smaller models can be equipped for non residential use such as offices, garden rooms, a home gym or even a fully soundproofed home cinema room.

Built to an incredibly high specification Bauhu Plug and Play homes comply with International construction codes and easily surpass UK building regulations for permanent housing. Sustainable, attractive and highly efficient with impressive energy ratings, these buildings offer an immediate and cost effective solution to a multitude of accommodation requirements worldwide. Being portable provides additional benefits not normally associated with residential property. Fully self supporting Bauhu Plug and Play modules do not require foundations, representing a great cost saving and reducing impact on the site to zero. The mobile nature of the building eases requirements for planning permits and allows the home to be relocated at any time.

Bauhu off site modular construction solutions
Pop up retail units are completely transportable
Self contained and portable, this pop up retail building is designed to be used in various locations. Modular and without the need for foundations the building can be moved quickly from site to site by truck.