FAQs - Water Saving Faucets

Saving water is more than just a concern, it is an obligation.

All of the faucets supplied in Bauhu Homes are equipped with systems that save water by reducing the water flow by adding air to the water stream. While producing a soft touch and non-splashing sensation it offers the same feeling of comfort as a large flow but using much less water.

Manufactured in Portugal by Bruma The AirEcoDrop system saves 30% of water.

The BRUMA chrome plating process follows a rigorous quality control procedure called Brightest. This process ensures an intense brightness and a lasting, resistant finish.

The exclusive BRUMA Smooth Breeze cartridge has high quality ceramic discs at its heart, which provide a unique feeling of smoothness and precision in controlling water flow and temperature regulation.

Water-saving faucets, also known as low-flow faucets, are designed to reduce the amount of water used during everyday tasks such as washing hands or dishes. These faucets use less water than traditional faucets while still providing sufficient water pressure for effective cleaning.

Installing water-saving faucets is a simple and effective way to reduce water usage and save money on water bills. They are also good for the environment, as they help to conserve water resources.