FAQs - Permitting & Compliance

A local building permit is generally required to erect a permanent structure of any kind but permitting requirements vary from location to location. In most circumstances an application for a building permit may only be submitted by a locally registered architect of record.

An application for a building permit consists of a several plans and drawings, some related to the building location and others to the building itself. We can assist with permitting by providing architectural plans and drawings of the building we supply together with structural engineering reports and code compliance information. This information can be used by a local architect to produce full permitting applications.


  • Architectural floorplan, elevations, section drawings and roof plan.

  • Structural general assembly drawings, beam and column layout, wall plan layout.

  • Building structural reactions plan and column base plate layout.

  • Recommended sub-structure plan and slab fixing specification.

  • Structural design document to ASCE7-16 (or ASCE7-22) as building code applicable to site location.


  • International Building Code (IBC) 2015

  • ASCE 7-16- American Society of civil Engineers (Minimum Design loads for buildings & other structures)

  • AISC 360-10 - American Institute of steel construction (Specification for structural steel buildings)

  • AISI -100-16 - American Iron and Steel Institute (Design of Cold Formed steel & structural members)

  • ASTM - American Society for Testing and materials.

  • All CFS frame ware designed to AISI LRFD CFS design standard