Bauhu off site modular construction solutions
Construction Design Consulting
Let our architects and designers come up with the ideal building design for your project designed specifically for your application and matched perfectly to your building location and budget. Our prefabricated buildings are designed to incorporate the very latest technology at every level from a precision engineered galvanised light steel frame to cutting edge insulated sandwich panel technology. The result is an elegant, energy efficient, affordable building that requires minimum maintenance and provides the owner with comfortable, almost immediate accommodation.

Designed to meet your budget - Our design team can customise existing designs or create a unique new design based on specific customer requirements. Above all else we aim to provide the most cost effective solution based on your budget.

Designed to suit your climate - With years of experience and a portfolio of projects spanning the globe our design team are well placed to offer invaluable advice on climatic conditions and prefabricated construction solutions best suited to the building location.
Bauhu off site modular construction solutions
International logistics
Many project locations are hard to get to. Benefit from our network of experienced and reliable logistics supply partners for full international logistical support.

Modular buildings can be shipped anywhere in the world in standard sized shipping containers or by road. After manufacture we arrange packaging and suitable transport.

Our range of modular buildings have been designed for easy, cost effective shipping inside standard 40’HC containers for export orders, and by truck. We would be pleased to provided shipping services but prices are unpredictable and difficult to estimate without a fixed delivery date. However, we do not seek to profit from transport services so please be assured that we will obtain the most cost effective service at the time of delivery on your behalf.
Bauhu off site modular construction solutions
Building assembly and site installation
Once delived to site we can arrange a full assembly service using our team of installers or we can simply provide a supervisor to assist and advise your own labour on site. We can assist further by overseeing local contractors without special skills or equipment to carry out completing works employing existing trades and well known techniques.
Bauhu off site modular construction solutions
Specialist Equipment Procurement and Supply
Working with our specialist manufacturing and construction partners we can provide fast, reliable, low cost integrated accommodation solutions in the world’s most remote locations.
Bauhu off site modular construction solutions
After Market Supplies and Ongoing Support
Providing continued after installation support and monitoring to maintain buildings and ensure continuity of consumable and equipment supply.