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Bauhu 'plug and play' buildings

Bauhu 'Plug and Play' buildings are manufactured 100% off site at our factory in Great Britain where they are built, equipped and hand finished to ensure that the minimum of work is required on site. Completed buildings are shrink wrapped for protection before delivery to site. These buildings are supplied with levelling pads and do not require foundations. Click here for Plug and Play

Bauhu 'kit' homes

Bauhu kit homes are supplied as a complete building in componant format for assembly on site. Our 'kit' homes offer an extremely cost effective, fast and flexible building system with attractive designs to blend into local environments and suit most budgets.

Bauhu 'kit' homes are ideally suited to provide rapid cost effective solutions to home building - anywhere!

hidden strength

Bauhu homes are engineered to respond to diverse climatic conditions and harsh environments. Our steel frame system ensures a stable structure which will not move or rot in humid conditions, is not effected by termites and is proven to be the most resilient construction method for seismic or cyclonic regions.

time is money

Bauhu homes are manufactured and pre assembled at factory level to reduce installation time to a minimum.

intelligent pricing

Careful design and the economies derived from an integrated manufacturing process keep Bauhu homes prices as low as possible without compromise to quality.

respecting the environment

Bauhu Homes are manufactured entirely from 100% recyclable materials and are designed to preserve the environment by providing exceptional thermal insulation performance minimising running costs and reducing power consumption.

BAUHU kit homes are available to order online

Our unique and innovative approach to 'kit' housing means you can even order your home online.

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